• STB EMU for Android Download STB Emu form Play store.
  • Open the app – Long press to open settings tap up right corner.
  • Go into settings
    Add/Modify profile and add new Press into new profile and first tap – name it CoolAsIce and press OK.
    Go into folder Portal settings – Top one ”Portal URL” add and press OK.
  • Press back and go to STB Configurations. Set-top one to MAG – 254 on normal speed devices and MAG-256 on 3GB or More Memory devices. PRESS OK.
  • Scroll down 4 tabs and see the MAC. THIS mac needs to be added in the Client area.
  • Click on your active service, Green active button – Devices – ADD new MAG. Enter MAC from STB Emu in ALL CAPS only. Make sure its added in green.
  • Now on STB EMU press back 4 times until back to the blue startup screen. Long press remote to open settings up right corner again. Scroll down 4 to Profiles and there should be one named CoolAsIce. Press that and it will load up. 

    ERROR 1: If saying URL not found, check Portal URL part for spelling
    ERROR 2: STB Blocked. Check client area that MAC is added and that it is correct. If all correct, and still not working, please put in a support ticket
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