Network Issues

29/09/2019 18:50 - Setup Issues

Hi Folks, 

Due to panel swith you will need to make the following amendments:

  1. Change the port in your url to 8080
  2.  If you line ends with =ts change to =hls or =mpegts

If you log a ticket and haven't done the above your wasting ours and your own time :)

More Info


Sep 24th Site back open

We are slowly bringing channels back online. 

Portal URLs should be unaffected, resellers will be receiving info in due course.

Apologies, if there is some bugs along the way alot of things have had to be started and remade from the ground up.

Feb 13th Trials disabled on Weekends!

Orders for our 48hr Trial are disabled on weekends (Sat & Sun GMT). Trials will be available up until Fridays 23:59 GMT.